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Welcome to the PotoDemo.Beta.0.2

Welcome to my portfolio and services page.
My name is Seweryn “Syllian” Polak and I am the lead designer artist of enTreal.


Currently we are working on:
PotoRealm – a l-NFT (living-non-fungible token), the first of this kind!
Get your own egg, take care of it till it hatches and enjoy your free own monster of the Poto species!
Game of eNFTreal – a matrix-generated life-simulator app (iOS/Android) coming soon to a stable alpha version.

Currently focused on:

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📧 [email protected]
📲 (+49) 0155 10138 717 (WhatsApp)

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I am also the founder and member of the enTreal core. This is the main main foundation and heart team that works on enTreal and it’s development. We work day and night to bring you the art and joy you expect from #enteranewrealm.
Take a look at us and get convinced yourself!


enTreal gaming

I am also the CEO and founder of enTreal as a community and start-up itself. With courage and motivation we connect different aspects of IT and art to connect talented hearts and minds.

We began long ago as a Counter Strike 1.6 and Call of Duty ESL-team in Poland. We were also a teamspeak 3 and discord community.

[Link] [Steam Community]

enTreal music

Is the label I created to allow people publishing music and art on the world wide web. I try to support them and lead the project as the main creator.

Records: 500 Views per Day on the first proper cover, produced 4 covers and 3 sample songs on soundcloud.

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